The Rugby Hotel

The Rugby Hotel, formerly, The Three Horseshoes Hotel in Rugby was recently acquired and as the name change suggests underwent a brand change. This lovely hotel is right on the high street and with a fantastic grill is great for any travellers.

We worked with The Rugby Hotel during their rebrand and built their new website within some tight deadlines in order to fit with the launch of the new branding.

The website is heavily image focussed, showing off the fantastic interior of the rooms. Whilst great for looks, lots of images can slow a website down in terms of loading, so we constructed the site such that images in the slideshows would be sent one at a time after the page load, but in time for their place in the show. This means visitors can get on with browsing the site without waiting for lots of images to load. In fact, our advanced infrastructure meant that despite having lots of heavy images to download, the homepage was took less than 3.5 seconds for an initial load and just over 0.7 seconds for subsequent pageviews, over 5 seconds faster than the average website!

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