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The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in a popular cryptographic software library. It’s impact could be huge. Intared takes security very seriously and has conducted a full analysis on our systems. To reassure all our clients, our sites are not affected by the bug.

The size of an average website is expected to exceed 2,300kb and take over 7 seconds to load by the end of 2014. Fast websites perform better with user conversions and in search engine rankings, so in the first part in our series of fine tuning your website we look at optimising images. Reducing page weight and improving loading times.

Website security is often a poorly understood subject. Most people assume that their sites are secure and it is only after they are hacked they realise otherwise. Let’s look at the main vulnerabilities your site has and how you can protect yourself from attack.

The Rugby Hotel, formerly, The Three Horseshoes Hotel in Rugby was recently acquired and as the name change suggests underwent a brand change. This lovely hotel is right on the high street and with a fantastic grill is great for any travellers. We worked with The Rugby Hotel during their rebrand and built their new […]