Boost Security & Rankings with Website Security Certificates

Website security certificates allow data do be encrypted as it travels around the web. This provides greater protection for your site and its visitors, but a lesser known fact is that it also helps boost rankings in Google.

Most people are familiar with the terms SSLHTTPS

Increasing Security with an SSL Certificate

Using a secure website increases the security of your site in a number of ways:

Encrypted Transmissions

By encrypting data as it is transmitted from the site to visitors and vice-versa, sensitive data is protected. The first thought in requiring this sort of encryption lies with highly sensitive data like credit card numbers and bank details. However, personal data is also sensitive and web visitors expect their data to be protected, even if it is just what they entered on a contact form.


Along with encrypting the data as it travels around the web, security certificates provide authentication so that web visitors know that their data is reaching the correct server without being intercepted and sent elsewhere.

Guards against phishing


Improved Customer Trust

Showing visitors that you care about security and their data improves the trust they put in your site and brand, boosting potential conversions. As web visitors become more ‘tech-savy’ there is likely to be an increasing flight towards using secure websites for any kind of data transmission..

Boost Rankings with a website security certificate

Google announced some time ago that it was making security a top priority, from August last year they started including whether a website used a security certificate or not as a factor in its ranking algorithm.

Whilst it is currently still a ‘lightweight’ signal, whilst they give websites an opportunity to switch from HTTP to HTTPS, they have indicated that they may strengthen it in the future – encouraging all website owners to make the switch ‘to keep everyone on the web safe’.

Making the transfer to a secure website

If you have made the decision to switch to a secure website – great! Intared clients simply need to drop us an email, or raise a support request and we’ll take care of the entire transition and updates required for you.

If you’re not an Intared client (you could become one!), transferring your site to SSL may require some assistance, particularly if you’re not an experienced server administrator. Speak to your host or current website provider about purchasing and installing an SSL certificate and the steps involved in updating your site and encrypting all the traffic.