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This is the first part in a series of posts about optimising your website. We’ll look at some of the simple things you can do as a website owner to boost the performance of your website.

Fast websites perform better. They improve user experience, increasing conversions and Google factors speed into their search algorithm.

Image Optimisation

One of the easiest ‘wins’ you can get when optimising your website is to make sure your images are optimised. Reducing the file size as much as possible, whilst not losing any visual quality.

The reduced file size means

  • They load faster
  • They use less bandwidth (particularly important for mobile users with a data allowance).

You can optimise images yourself, using services like Here you can upload your images and it will analyse and optimise them for you, providing a download with all the improved images. You then upload them to your server, overwriting the older, larger, versions, before sitting back and watching the instant improvement in performance.

Intared automatically optimises images for our clients and they have experienced major decreases in total page size (and corresponding increases in speed) as a result of this.

This takes only a few minutes to do, requires minimal technical skill, and can often shave hundreds of kilobytes off of the first page load of your website.  That can translate into your page being prettier seconds faster than it used to be.

As we progress through this optimisation series, there will be elements that require a degree of technical capability. The great thing about image optimisation is that anyone can do it, the benefits are immediate and apart from a little bit of time and effort, there are no downsides.

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